CCF Donation Oucome.

Just a follow up the art I sent to The Jason Ellis Show a little over a month ago. It was posted on eBay and did well. What do you think? Read more...

Do Onnit Producst Really Work?

I give my own personal review of a few products from Onnit, a nutrition company focused on providing high quality earth-grown supplements, food and fitness equipment. Read more...

Art donation to Jason Ellis Show

What happens when you donate art to the Jason Ellis Show for charity purposes? Watch the video to find out!
Warning Adult Language!

ICFC Art Show Photos

Thanks to everyone who came out the ICFC art show on Georgian Bay this past August long weekend. It was an excellent turnout.
Check out the photos here!

ICFC Art Show 2014

Welcome to Georgian Bay. Clean air, drinkable water and a large variety of fish to catch (and eat without worrying about toxins). For those of you familiar with Georgian Bay (Sans Souci and Moon River Area) you might have heard of Iron City and the art show they host every year. Read More...